Start Living Sober in Houston, Texas

Over the past 10 years, Sober Living Houston has become the largest addiction recovery community in the Houston. We offering multiple levels of care and to individuals who are seeking alcohol addiction recovery, drug addiction recovery, and substance abuse recovery. Using monitored drug and alcohol recovery homes, addiction peer groups, and addiction recovery accountability, Sober Living Houston has become a top-rated sober living program in Houston.  We seek to assist in the growth, and increase the hopes, of anyone suffering from addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances.  Our programs follow a 12-step program and offer homes with support, accountability, and guidance from other men and women who are successfully fighting battles with addiction.

Additionally, we offer the largest array of programs to get sober in Houston, Texas, and we welcome anyone seeking to recover from alcohol, recover from drug use, or transform their lives and their future.


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Many Paths to Addiction Recovery

Sober Living Houston

Sober Living Houston, our flagship program, offers a safe home for men struggling with addiction to heal, grow, and excel. With peer groups for accountability and professional help and guidance from sober staff, the program gives client’s the tools they need to get sober now.

Take Action Recovery

Take Action Recovery uses an Integrated Recovery Model with a comprehensive and individualized approach to the client’s needs. This allows us to walk with the client beyond the basics and truly give them the care they need to re-enter society sober, healthy, and successful.

Texas Interventionist

Texas Interventionist, offers support and guidance to those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. With a clear path to sobriety through tailored intervention methods, we create a process of accountability and treatment for loved ones struggling with addiction.


Medicated Assisted Treatments for Addiction

Sober Living Houston supports Medicated Assisted Treatments (MAT’s) when deemed appropriate by a medical professional, and we offer programs for drug recovery for these cases.


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Proven Addiction Recovery in Houston

Sober Living Houston’s integrated addiction recovery model is the key to our client’s success in getting sober. Recovering from an addiction is a challenging endeavor, but our methods of drug and alcohol abuse treatment have been proven time and again with our past clients and sober living residents.

We offer several programs with residential sober living facilities that go beyond just the treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Click below to learn more about our programs!


Mens Sober Living in Houston

Sober Living Houston offers several programs to men in Houston, Texas. By living in a dedicated sober living home with other men, our clients can get the care, guidance, and accountability they need to get sober and stay sober!Our sober living programs also offer access to job training, skills development, and more! Click below to learn more about our programs.


Women’s Sober Living in Houston

Sober Living Houston also offers programs tailored specifically to women in Houston, Texas. We create a safe environment for women to live and learn with other women seeking a clear path to sobriety. With a long history of success, our programs provide our clients with the support and guidance they need to get sober for good!Click below to learn more about our programs.